The story behind Totoka Collections

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." 

- Mary Lou Cook

Hello! My name is Kayla, the creator of Totoka Collections. I have loved creating things with my hands since I was a young kid. I have my mother to thank for helping me explore my creative interests at a young age. I didn’t find much satisfaction playing with the typical toys on offer, I would much rather mould soaps, or go out and find flowers to press and then make cards with them or make friendship bands out of string- that sort of playing! 

My passion for making Jewellery started with my first job in highschool. I worked for a friends business creating therapeutic magnetic jewellery. I loved working with magnets and gemstones, it gave me so much satisfaction to see a bunch of loose beads be put together to create a beautiful piece of Jewellery. After 5 years of study in different fields such as Dance, Massage and Health Promotion, I feel like I have finally found something I want to invest my all in. I have done a complete 360 and gone back to square one.  

Totoka Collections was initially inspired by the beautiful fabrics and accessories seen during travels around the world specifically in Africa and the Pacific Islands. The word "Totoka" means beautiful in Fijian. The beautiful fabrics and materials used in our products  are sourced from various fabric and craft supplies shops around the world including local village markets in Africa local town shops in Fiji and various fabric stores in Australia. 

Totoka Collections finds pride in helping people wear their personality. We do not mass produce our products, each is carefully handmade and is a limited edition which ensures the customer is getting a product which is quality made and unique.

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